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„We ensure unlimited flight time. Thanks to our microtethers and cases from B&W.“

Daniel Stahlmann, Managing Director of ValoFly GmbH
It's the middle of the night. The volunteer fire brigade of the municipality of Einbeck is called to duty again. Daniel Stahlmann is there. Conditions are difficult and visibility is poor. What is needed is a drone that can bring light to where it is necessary ... for hours. This is where the idea for ValoFly was born, providing power supply and control of wired drones.
But the valuable and sensitive technology requires robust packaging. A case that can withstand all weather conditions and protects the interior even during the toughest applications. The ValoFly specialists quickly found what they were looking for:
"For our technology, it has to be the best. And for me, the only choise was a B&W case."
Christoph Grube, ValoFly designer
For the, the highly-durable material polypropylene (PP) ensures robustness and safety. The case was developed over the course of several years and continuously tested. That's why it comes with a 30-year guarantee. In combination with the and the, ValoFly is a top choice for customers.
Based on the, a special solution was tailored to the microTether ValoFly. Guided by the advice of the B&W experts and the extensive selection of cases and components, an individual SELECTION was created.

My Case

The Extremely robust, dustproof, waterproof, temperature stable. The has everything you need to offer the best protection anywhere and in any situation.

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