Photo & Video

Our cases are the ideal solution for photographers and videographers who want to transport their expensive equipment safely. With padded dividers or foam inlays for maximum protection and stability, they not only provide maximum robustness, but they are also waterproof, sealed from dust, and provide temperature stability.

Maximum resiliance

No matter whether extreme weather or remote filming locations – you can depend on your equipment being kept secure so that you can concentrate on the perfect shot.

  • More Protection and Stability
  • Extremely Robust
  • Protection against External Influences
  • Suitable for Flying
  • Certified Quality
  • Many Sizes and Colors
Wet B

Fitted with compartments that can be used flexibly, providing exceptional protection and increased stability for your expensive equipment.

Wet B

Built from high-quality materials, our outdoor.cases can withstand the harshest conditions.

Wet B

Waterproof, protect against dust, and guarantee temperature stability – optimum security for sensitive equipment.

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Thanks to the integrated air pressure compensation valve, our cases are perfectly suited to air-transportation.

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Our cases meet stringent quality standards, and are certified to guarantee the highest performance and long life.

Wet B

We offer a large range of sizes and color options that you can choose the perfect case for your requirements.