Why to better buy tool.cases from quality manufacturers

In matters of tool storage people are still not seeing the innovations the market has to offer. Younger craftsmen rely mostly on the recommendation of their father and long-established specialists rely on the ‘what they have always used’. But especially well-desigend and thought-out tool cases can optimize the working process.

To find out which strains a tool.case has to withstand on a daily basis, we have made severe test:

the average craftsmen is carrying his luggage 54 minutes daily
the case will be opened and closed 2353 time per year
the average craftsmen takes tools out of his tool.case 24 time a day
the bottom tool board is moved 3150 time per year
These figures reflect the requirements of a good tool case again and that’s what we keep in in mind during the development of our tool.cases.

To reduce back and bone loads, we are increasingly making mobile cases with smooth-running wheels.
To keep everything in the case fitted we developed a unique aluminium divider system for the bottom shell of the cases. This gives the user the possibility to individualize the bottom tray and divide it into small parts adapted to their own needs.
The handles on our suitcases were slightly enlarged, so that one gloved hand still can comfortably carry the suitcase.

All this optimizations seem like obvious little things, but usually the devil is in the details. Next to the big things the little things seem so unimportant but most of the time the little things are the things that make the everyday work easier, faster and mor effective.

If you think about cheaper products, they usually do not put much effort in the development and customer orientation. If something at the case breaks ist is often easier to buy a new case than to get it repaired.

If you invest in well manufactured products the situation is completely different. The products are desinged and developed to meet the highest possible quality standard, so that the parts do not break so easily. But if something breaks, a good after-sales service is the key: we, for example, ship free spare parts to our customers or repair the cases directly.

Tool cases often have a very low-interest status, and one forgets that such a case is often purchased with the intention to last a lifetime – so one should better inform himself when buying a tool case.

Because let’s be honest, once I buy a quality product, I save money and time in the long run.

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