Type 6700 in Moab, UT

Greg Balkin of Brightwood Photography is a LA based wedding and adventure photographer. What started with just weddings became a whole new approach to wedding photography by taking couples to the great outdoors to capture their ‘Adventure Love Stories’.
As this goes in line with a lot of backpacking he was looking for ways to keep his photography equipment safe along the way and found our outdoor.cases. For a first test he took type 6700 on a trip to Moab, UT with some friends:

Last month, I got a call from a friend who was celebrating his birthday in Moab, UT with a group of friends for a week. I was only a short 7 hour drive away, so I tossed my gear in the car and headed north from Arizona early the next morning.
Our friends had crammed about 5-6 tents around a small flat section, so we were lucky to find some room when we arrived. The next few days were spent cooking and sleeping right near the river, taking day trips into Canyonlands National Park,
and heading out for short climbing trips. It feels like a completely different planet when you’re out here. The muddy river winds through this dry terrain with the most amazing rock sculptures surrounding you. And the stars!
Wow. I’ve never seen such a clear night sky full of so many stars. This was the perfect spot to relax and snap some photos for a few days.

Thanks to type 6700 he had the chance to take all his equipment to capture this!