The Rallye Boyz and the northernmost adventure rallye!

A Charity Rally – 16 days – 135 teams – 10 countries – 7500 km – No Highway
Those were the key words of the Baltic Sea Circle Rallye 2015, and we were right on fire. After registering the planning started, what do we need? Vehicles, a tent, something to cook, so that all basic needs are covered. We knew right away we will never get everything into the trunk of our old Mercedes, so it had to go somehow on the roof. But how do we keep everything safe and dry?
It became obvious that we have to go through rough terrain and uncomfortable weather during our trip to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Always prepared to camp somewhere near the road. This will be no easy trip for people, machines and equipment, that’s for sure.
This is how we found B&W International as a manufacturer of tough outdoor.cases and the headquarter is also in our home region – perfect.
After the first conversation it was clear B & W supports us in the hunt around the Baltic Sea for a good cause. As part of a sponsorship we got outdoor.cases for our photo equipment, our tools, and everything else we would need on the road.
What looked like a good solution in the first place, has been proved to be an absolute hit during the rally. It eased the life on the street, between fast assembly and disassembly immensely, if you do not have to worry about your equipment. Sure, we had read in the catalogue what the cases can withstand, but in real life this is always something else. And reality has shown that the cases perfectly function as tables, stools, kitchen, ladder, wardrobe and even as a sleigh. Everything stays dry, even on the roof during a storm.

On the way we always had everything ready on hand. Just throw the cases from the roof, and off you go. One case we had converted into a mobile kitchen cupboard, so everything was in its place and protected optimally.

Since the cases are stackable, nothing slips at high speed or drifts in the Russian wilderness, everything stays in its place.

This uncomplicated handling has certainly done his part, so that we made the third place out of 135 teams. The placement resulted from the number of camped nights, completing the diverse photo challenges, and also completing the daily tasks. We had one task, where a B&W Case came in especially handy: we had the taskt to tranport and opened canned of Sürströmming, a swedish delicacy (fermented fish), for 200 km in our car.This does not sound too hard, but we are talkin about the worst smell we had ever experienced.
But with the knowledge, that the B&W cases are airtight we converted the case into a ‘Worst-Smelling-Fish-Safe’ and were able to complete the 200 km without respirator.

The rallye made more than 200.000 € of donations in total.

We just can say thank you to B&W for their great support, without your cases our lives on the rallye would have been so much more difficult.