Testing GoPro Cases

The film-makers Behind the Mask subjected our B&W GoPro.cases to an extreme test! They flew to the Bahamas, the perfect place for a selfie. But for the Stuttgart boys, this was not enough. Anyone can take a palm-lined beach selfie! But a GoPro dronie surrounded by sharks, that’s a different kettle of fish! At the New York City Drone Film Festival, Behind the Mask received the Most Epic Dronie 2016 award for their Shark Dronie.

Customised, tailor-made foam inserts and variable compartments

The film-makers have been protecting their film and drone equipment for years in B&W International cases, as these are exactly tailored for different GoPro models (e.g. GoPro Session, GoPro Actioncam Hero 3 and Hero 4) and their accessories, as well as for various multicopter drone and quadcopter models (e.g. DJI Phantom, DJI Osmo, DJI Ronin-M, 3DR SOLO). Thanks to bespoke foam inlays, the camera or quadcopter is protected against any impact.

Survive every shipwreck: the copter.cases

The crew devised a very special way to put their favourite cases to the test: what happens when the B&W cases go swimming with sharks in the Bahamas? The fifteen-hour flight in itself was not a challenge: all the cases equalise any pressure changes with a built-in air pressure compensation valve. Once at the Bahamas, our copter.cases went for their swim with sharks:

Water is no problem for B&W professional cases outdoor cases, as the seal incorporated in the lid makes them water-resistant and dust-proof.

What have coconuts and gopro.cases got in common? A hard shell and a soft core!

The outer material of the outdoor.cases series is made of stable, virtually indestructible polypropylene. They withstand being catapulted 68 metres from a palm tree, protecting the contents from breakage. The cases can also bask in tropical Caribbean temperatures, remaining stable from –30°C to +80°C.
Dust- and shockproof and water-resistant in compliance with IP67: B&W International copter.cases and GoPro.cases protect sensitive technology reliably.