Sportspinner – René Domke

René Domke, born in the 80’s and my calling is the sport – that is how he introduces himself.
He is a professional journalist and reporter. He calls himself a sports nerd with Skills. He started as a radio moderator with local news until it has subsequently drawn him to sports television. Advantage: Job = hobby. For four years it has shaken him in the spin cycle of the shackles of permanent employment without softener. He got a lot of experience richer, but lost a lot of color. Something new was needed.

Blogging, Youtube and more.
And all without a “boss” in the neck. Since October 2015, he is his own boss. At least on paper, which of course is often hypocritical. Fortunately, he is allowed to work for a sports channel, which allows him to travel around the world and to be active at the forefront of sports, which has always been his wish. Whether Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Montevideo or Buenos Aires, now a new hobby was added to his sports: TRAVELING.


The new way …
His newly launched Youtube channel “the BEASTERS” and his Blogazine “Sportspinner” not only show that sport is his absolute passion.
As puppet of his own passion, he is therefore in a vicious circle, which combines all of what he wished: his job as a writer and sports reporter, traveling and passion of the sport and all its components.

On this new trip he took only his belongings and his bike – and this one is travelling safe and sound in a B&W International bike guard curv!