snowproof cases – outdoor.cases in Canada

Julian and Lennart of Berg and Ocean are currently enjoying the great winter in Alberta, Canada and testing if B&W outdoor.cases are snowproof cases.

After they have been on Vancouver Island for quite a while they continued their journey on the Canadian mainland. They enjoyed their first snow of the season in Whistler, British Columbia and then went further east to Canmore, Alberta for more snowy adventures.

Adventure 1

First they had the chance to visit an old friend and his company They have been there in summer-time and helped him to build a teepee and now they could return to go on the real dogsledding adventure. They accompanied a Musher for the whole day to take photos and videos. After that day they could officially announce: B&W International outdoor.cases are snowproof cases for your equipment.

Adventure 2

After that they went icefishing with another friend from summertime in the Spray Lakes Reservoir. As this beeing an adventure that you won’t experience that often they wanted to take their camera equipment and their drone on the ice. They kept everything safe in our snowproof cases and put them on a sled to bring to the icefishing spot. The windy, icy and cold conditions did not harm any equipment.

Adventure 3

Last but not least they of course picked every possibility to get their skis out. On the mountains in Banff, Alberta they enjoyed the snow and the long ski-runs. Of course they took some camera equipment on the mountain to get pictures – and with our new Backpack System it got even more comfortable to take your and keep your hands free for your ski sticks.