New Sales Display for the tool.cases

With our new sales display, we want to offer our dealers the opportunity to present our cases in their sales room. It was important for us, that the display can be adapted to the realities on the sales floor and is very versatile.

The sales display is designed for 5 tool case and you have the option of either all cases to be placed on one side or you create a 360 ° – view with three suitcases on the front and two on the back for your customers.In the 360° use of the display you can present open cases. In addition, the display can accommodate two tool.bags and has an integrated brochure holder. The trolley solution can- true to its fundamental characteristics – be positioned mobile next to the display.

We provide the display to our dealers as a loan in combination with five different case models. The shelfs can be hooked and are suitable for all tool.cases.Thus, we offer our dealers the opportunity to generate more revenue by offering attractive and eye-catching presentation of the goods.

Once placed on the sales display the tool.cases can show their versatility and the customers can have a touch and feel product experience.

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