OUTDOOR.CASES in North America

Julian and Lennart are two friends who had an idea on an surftrip in France: they wanted to combine their passion about skiing, snowboarding and surfing with filming and photographing in North America. Within a few months ot of this idea became a real project: Berg and Ocean.

They guys offer their photography and video skills for board and lodge during their trip.
Next to that they are documenting their trip in social media such as Facebook and Instagram, they are writing a Newsletter and a Blog.

Begin of 2015 Julian and Lennart started their trip in America. They bought a van and rebuilt it in accordance to their needs for living in this van for the next couple of month.
Life in a confined space requires not only discipline and organization, but also a lot of order. The equipment requires a permanent place – and here our outdoor.cases come in handy.

The guys use three type 6000, two Type 4000 and a Type 41 outdoor.cases in North America on the road for their cameras, drones etc..

After a stay in Oregon and a film shoot for a manufacturer of Training carts for Huskies the guys went further north to Canada. First, they have spent some time in British Columbia to round off the ski seasonin Whistler and to go rafting on the Kicking Horse River. After that they went to Alberta to discover a new hobby: climbing.

After that, the guys went to Peru for two weeks and returned to California to spend the summer and go surfing.

Always at hand: our cases.

Guys, we are curious to hear your next stories!