The development of the bike.guard curv®

The BikeGuard Curv® is the lightest bike case on the market with a weight of only 8.2 kg without accessories.

This case was developed by B&W in cooperation with students from the University of Osnabrück and the bike manufacturer Storck Bicycle.

For Storck customers and cyclists overall it is important that they can take their bikes during their travels. Therefore the valuable bike should be well protected so that it withstands prolonged air travel safely.

Therefore, the aim of the joint project of B&W International and Storck Bicycle was to develop an innovative bike case for raod bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes of special lightness and extreme stability. We want to offer our customers the highest degree of mobility with optimum transport protection.

The case shells, which are made from the novel “curv” material, offer a particularly high stability, strength and robustness, thus ensuring an optimal protection of the bicycle. The material is for example also used for police and security personnel: only two millimeters of the material is enough to be effectively protected against stabbing.
Furthermore, it has already proven itself in the transport, a big suitcase manufacturer uses the material successfully for his luggage case series.

Through a completely removable lid shell packing the suitcase is simplified. The case also features a thought-out interior, so that important components may be taken. Its low weight allows to stow the bike, and a variety of accessories without exceeding the allowed overall weight on a flight.

The adjustable pull handles and four wheels, two of which are free to rotate, this bike case can be easily maneuvered, even if it is fully loaded. Thus, the transport of the case is particularly comfortable and you can easily maneuver it at airports or train stations.